Youth ask ministers: WTF? Where’s The Finance?

Youth climate campaigners and civil society campaigners kicked off ministerial discussions taking place on climate finance at the UN climate talks today by asking their representatives: ‘WTF – Where is the Finance?’Lining the entrance to the conference centre in Warsaw, climate campaigners tracking the lack of finance mobilised by rich countries presented government representatives with their own descriptions of this year’s Conference of the Parties as a ‘finance COP’. The following signs, repeatedly asking ‘WTF – Where’s the Finance?’ highlighted the empty rhetoric of the pre-conference hype.
This action follows on from members of civil society spelling out ‘WTF?’ on the conference floor with their bodies on Tuesday, as pressure builds on developed countries to come clear on their plan of how to deliver $100bn each year by 2020 and save the Adaptation Fund, which has had to scale back its projects and risks drying up completely.
Louisa Casson, a representative from the youth consituency YOUNGO said, “To achieve a meaningful global climate deal in 2015, we need to get fair and adequate climate finance moving from developed countries to poorer nations now. Developed countries have already accepted their responsibility to help fund low-carbon development and adaptation measures in poorer countries, but now they seem intent on finding a ‘way out’ of this commitment.
Casson continued, “We’re frustrated becase there is no ‘way out’ for developing countries that are most vulnerable to climate change from the need to raise standards of living for their people, adapt to climate impacts and contribute to global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. WTF? We’re taking action to demand our ministers keep their promises – and restore good faith to the negotiations.”Ingrid Verne, another representative from YOUNGO said, “Today the COP is holding a finance ministerial for the first time in history. The ministers need to reassure that public finance is going up and not down after the fast start period. Predictable finance is important, and a roadmap until 2020 is therefore highly needed.
Verne added, “The Adaptation Fund is almost empty, and needs $100 million to be saved. Therefore, ministers must put money on the table for the Adaptation Fund here in Warsaw. Also, the Green Climate Fund (GCF) will be ready in 2014, and it is highly important that rich countries set aside money for the GCF in their budgets for 2014.
Time: 8.30-9.30AM
Location: Level -4, Zone A. Tunnel, National Stadium, Warsaw.

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