IndyAct supports the campaigns of several independent activists that constantly require equipment, supplies and services.

We appreciate any donation you can provide in the form of financial contribution, services or equipment.

Our wish list:

Printing services
Graphic design services
Translation interpreting services

Equipment and Supplies:

High Priority
- 2 Rigid bottom inflatable boats for our marine and coastal protection campaign
- Life jacket, walky-talkies, and other marine equipment
- Overalls, masks, hardhats, other industrial equipment, and protection for on-field work
- LCD projector, 2 laptops, digital video camera, digital still camera and other communication equipment to help us spread the message

Other needs
- Tents and lightweight sleeping bags for in-field work
- Van and 4*4 car for transportation and field work

If you are interested in donating, please email us on
Or contact us on the following address:

IndyAct office

Rmeyl area,
Mar Mkhayel str.,
Jaara bldg.
Tel: +961 1 447192
Fax: +961 1 447192
P.O.Box: 14-5472, Beirut, Lebanon
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