Public Transportation is the Answer!

Public Transportation is the Answer! 
As a member of NCST, IndyACT calls out for sustainable transportation for the 2nd year
In celebration of the National Campaign for Sustainable Transportation – NCST's first anniversary, and Critical Mass's 20th Anniversary, IndyACT took part in a huge cycling event on September 30th to kick start the second year of campaigning for sustainable transportation. More than 300 Lebanese citizens on bicycles joined in to celebrate the occasion and show support for the cause. 
Cyclers from all over Lebanon and of all ages started a fun tour from Beirut Water front – Down Town all the way to Mar Mkhayel’s Bus and Train Station. Many of them were carrying signs that signified the need to empower the public transportation sector, such as “Public transportation is the answer”, “Trains are coming soon”, and “Mish Mla2en Hawa Ndeef!”.
In his welcome speech, Green Hands organization representative and NCST's coordinator, Fadel Fakih explained that this wide participation is a proof that the current reality of public transportation in Lebanon will change one day. 
IndyACT’s Projects Manager; Nadine Ajami said in her statement; “We will continue to work on sustainable transportation and we are ready to support every initiative that would get us a step closer to our goals. If we do not unite our efforts, we will never be able to reduce the catastrophic environmental effects that private transportation is causing!”
NCST was founded to activate civil society alongside the private and public sector towards coming up with the needed strategies to ensure sustainable transportation in Lebanon. 
Needless to say that it is unacceptable to have 90% of the Lebanese population using their own cars instead of public transportation, when it should be the opposite as in other developed countries. According to the World Health Organization this has unfortunately lead to a 300% rise, above the accepted rates, in the level of air pollution , knowing that 70% of this pollution is caused by the transportation sector. 
A number of other NGOs and initiatives who are part of the campaign also participated in the cycling event. Among those are, Aie Serve,Green Line , Critical Mass, Green Peace ° Mina by Bike (Tripoli), Rotaract Club of Beirut ,Tour in Sour ( Tyre), Train-Train ( Byblos), Green Horizons (Tripoli) and The Economic Youth Forum. 

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