Aridi Holds Press Conference to Enforce Law 174 against Smoking In Public Transportation

Aridi Holds Press Conference to Enforce Law 174 against Smoking In Public Transportation
"The penalty is much more than 135000" said Minister of Public Works and Transportation; Ghazi Aridi in the press conference he held on June 27th in his office. The conference was dedicated to inform the heads of the Public Transportation Drivers' Syndicate about the law number 174. 
In fact, the law prohibits smoking in public transportation of all sorts and entitles all drivers to put the no-smoking sticker in their vehicles. Aridi also talked about the need to put the no-smoking sticker in the vehicles which states the fine that they have to pay starting 135 000 per each smoker. The stickers will be distributed by the Ministry of Health to all the heads of Transportation Syndicates and among Taxi drivers.
What Minister Aridi meant in his initial statement was that the disadvantage of smoking indoors does not only lie in having to pay the fine, but rather in the negative health impact it causes. 
"We should all realize how harmful smoking can be to our health and the health of the people around us, and that should be our main motive not the money", according to him. 
Rania Baroud; VP of Tobacco Free Initiative – TFI also explained other aspects of the law number 174 to the media and attendees. 
The Minister further clarified that the Ministry of Interior will work on enforcing the law among public transportation.
We are quickly getting closer to September 3rd, 2012 when the law will be enforced in all closed public places. Until then, IndyACT and TFI will put a lot of efforts to ensure the best spread of the law all across Lebanon.

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